What Is Free Form Dance?


It’s about

How it feels, not how it looks

Trusting your process

Going with any tempo or impulse that moves you

Letting your emotions, spirit and physicality inform your dance

Playing with a myriad of expressions...clumsy, graceful, grounded, soaring

Movement without choreography, you are the creator

Feeling more ALIVE

Listening to your body’s wise cues

Healing and calming the nervous system

Harmonizing mind, body and spirit

Letting go

Conscious Dance Tips


Direct your attention inside

Explore your body’s intuitive gestures and expressions

Circulate energy through your entire body

Give yourself permission to explore your dance without judgment

Start where you are and let the music and movement take you

Listen to your heart and express what bubbles up.

Breathe, shake, leap, and wiggle

Walk, hop, shuffle, be creative with your gait

Stop and start again

Close your eyes and breathe

Dance slow-mo

Move body parts separately, then put it all together

Use your imagination to dance your ”character” of the moment

Shake it out

It's normal to feel self-conscious. If you do the above, it will help you let go

Healthy Boundaries


Respect yourself and everyone else's personal space

When someone bows, hands in prayer, or any other “no” signal, it means they prefer to dance alone, and it’s not personal

In dancing with others: it’s ok to say yes, it’s ok to say no

Consent is imperative 

Collective Space Holding


Each person is responsible for taking care of themselves and deciding what they need for their own safety and freedom

Collectively, we create permission for everyone in the room to express themselves

Any concerns may be directed to one of the LADC members or [email protected]



The dance space is a “sacred” area. Move through the room respectfully even if just walking in

Let your body do the talking. If you need to talk, please move outside

Bare feet and dance shoes inside, street shoes outside the door

No perfume please

Dogs, chinchillas, turtles, salamanders better left at home

You may arrive and leave as you wish

No unauthorized photos or video

Bring water

Wear comfortable clothing to move in

We hold a closing circle to end the dance

If you bring a guest for the first time, one of you dances free

Play freely! Respect deeply! Dance wildly! Come back!



Sourcing happiness and joy

Helps with self consciousness

Get in touch with and express your emotions

A path into the sacred

Accesses magic

Try on different energies and characters

Experiment with relationship with others and self

Increases vitality

Reduces stress and anxiety

Feel safe while being alone in a group

Exploring yourself in community

Accessing your inner child

Connects beyond the ego self

Stretches beyond habitual patterns of movement and thinking

Healing on SO many levels

Feeling free