Our Story

LADC is a non-profit collective of dedicated movers who share a love of music, dance, and soulful inquiry.

We formed LADC with a desire to provide a welcoming space for everyone… dancers and non-dancers, all ages, shapes and backgrounds who want to explore their inner dancer.

Coming from many different movement modalities, we dreamt of opening up the borders of “dance” and facilitating free form expression. We recognized the healing power of “allowing “ one’s dance to emerge from a deeper, internal resource.

Who We Are

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We provide a weekly, Saturday morning experience of embodied inquiry, free form movement and improvised expression.

We rotate four main DJ/facilitators from within our dance family. We strive to create musical soundscapes with a high level of integrity, soul, and passion. We share the role of DJ/facilitator to broaden the base of creative viewpoints and encourage a variety of experiences.

We create a friendly atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to fully explore and express -- physically, emotionally and relationally.

LADC is a safe space to experiment with movement. It’s not about performing or dancing in a certain style, it’s about dancing how you feel.  Conscious dance can be a moving meditation. It can also be a cathartic celebration!

We are inspired and sourced by The 5 Rhythms, Moving Soul Dance, Soul Motion, Ecstatic Dance, Open Floor, Contact Improvisation, Journey Dance, Continuum, World Dance, Spirit Weaves, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and many other forms of embodied practice.

We offer a container for creative, self-expression, physical exercise, meditation, play and healing.

As a non profit collective, we share in the joys and responsibilities of holding our Saturday dance.

Our Values

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We create an environment nurtured by sensitivity and respect for personal boundaries.

We value a variety of musical directions expressed by our DJ/facilitator's, who are committed to harmonizing with the community's tastes and needs.

We come together to explore the world through the language of movement and music.  We encourage our community to share and celebrate their vision of the dance with us.

We believe that each of us is responsible for our own safety, while being aware of others on the dance floor. We may prefer to dance alone, or with others, with their permission.