Movement facilitator Zanzibar (Don Norman) has been exploring and experimenting with musical genres since his days in college radio. He brings his musical sensibility together with his exploration in dance (ecstatic dance, authentic movement and contact improvisation ) to create a holistic journey for body, mind and emotion.

“The music and the floor are insistent partners in the dance; so it is my responsibility as a facilitator to create a landscape which offers both freedom and fascination; to provide a palette and a canvas where the dancer can express individually and participate in the communal expression.” -Zanzibar

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Georgianne Cowan


Georgianne Cowan is a mytho/poetic, meditative movement pioneer with over three decades experience teaching and performing. Her creative passion is empowering others to access their emotional, spiritual and mythic landscape through movement, conscious embodiment and playful inquiry. Her class, Moving Soul Dance and her facilitation at the Dance Collective invites participants to explore the elemental, primal and cohesive forces that shape their body’s ongoing story. As a teacher, her joy is fueling this material into soulful expression for healing and integration. She has studied, among others, with somatic innovator, Emilie Conrad Da’oud—founder of Continuum—(where she contributed as a Continuum teacher in its early days), and Middle Eastern dancer/teacher, Tamra Henna. She has performed, directed and produced numerous events, most notably for SomaFest LA, The World Festival’s of Sacred Music (initiated by the Dalai Lama), EarthWays, Arcosanti, The Wrightway Foundation, L.A. Theatre Center, and Stanford University. She is the author of The Soul of Nature (Doubleday), Earth Dreaming, and is a recent contributor to  She is a fabric artist/photographer and uses her “inner eye” to create sacred spaces to dance and interact within. Georgianne is a former director at the EarthWays Foundation.

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Nyah Phoenix


After a series of life changing events, Nyah Phoenix began to explore movement as a form of "self healing." The facilitation of her soul’s emergence began after an intensive movement workshop that completely changed her perspective and promoted “embodied awareness."

Her love of musical composition and song writing prompted an additional layer of catharsis when she started to create her own pieces based on her personal emotional experiences.

Nyah is an avid dancer who is passionate about helping others embrace their authenticity through self inquiry and movement. She urges you to "find your gifts in the darkness.” Currently, she is pleased to serve as an active board member of the Los Angeles Dance Collective.

Fernando Artiga


Fernando Artiga has been practicing conscious dance for fifteen years. He has danced, worked and performed with Lucent Dossier circus for the past nine years and facilitates dance movement classes in LA and in music festivals around the US. In 2015 he facilitated dance movement at The Summit at Sea. He spends his time practicing various healing modalities including massage. He is currently studying shamanic cultures and applying transformative methods to his work.

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