Come Dance With Us!

Every Saturday at 10:30 AM PT

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AN In-Person Dance or a Digital one

We offer a physical location or a virtual one to explore togetherness through music and movement

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Suggested donation:  $20


We offer a safe and creatively open movement environment where everyone, regardless of experience, can explore their inner dancer

Each spirited journey is carefully curated by our DJs with music that ignites exciting possibilities of free form movement, deep tuning, and joy

The “dance” between us
from our floor to your floor
our feet may move together
or find stillness
This is what we've been training for
to dance with life
and reality
and the changing demands of each moment
we understand spontaneity and improvisation
we understand how to dance with a world gone mad
this is the dance


Free form dance is about how it feels, not how it looks

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